Trisleth "Tris" Arana

Female Wizard


Normally: Half elf. Blonde hair, blue/violet eyes and wearing travel cloths.

Alternate: Elf, long straight bright red hair and green eyes. Wearing white nice robe with group symbol on our shoulders .


The younger twin (6 months younger because magic), Tris is the less reserved of the two. By mishap, she has the habit of talking too loud and too much some times. A trained scribe, she is the one who tracks the parties adventures, all be it as best as she can with time jumps.
She and Tor were born in the Elven city of Oshla Dorei and then spent much of their young lives traveling with a band of nomads ( basically gypsies). After the death of their father, they were made aware their mother may be alive and began traveling in search of her. They were on this quest when they joined the party.

Trisleth "Tris" Arana

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