The Knights of Valhalla

Dragon Fight

klein's death

Vala decided to stay in Hearthglenn. Tris stole the cube from Vala and the twins bought two horses. We went to Klein's old home where his mother died. Tris wanted to "dive" into the power of the cube and got herself stuck into the cube. Cline and I gathered food while she did this. While we tried to figure out how to get Tris out, Klein and I saw that these bushes kept going toward the dead 100-foot radius around his mother's dead tree. We left them alone and they did nothing. I prayed to Freya and soon after my prayer we all heard a large echoey pop noise. We explored a bit around the area and found nothing. We then slept in Tor's Hut. In the morning Fulcrum appeared from behind the Large tree. Klein and I also discovered that the dark vines around his mother's trees were digging down to a power source similar to his mother's power. We used the key that Fulcrum had (to him time only seemed to pass a few days from our departure even though it had been a month or so) and opened up to Artimis's shop. He investigated the vines and the cube. Fulcrum was to stay with Artimis and was put into a room with lots of beer and pretty orc women. We decided to travel to Mjoll to get a dragon for him, to help get Tris out. In his messing around with the cube on our way to Mjoll he was able to release Tris. We were still going to get the dragon for him. We were dropped off in a ghost town. We headed toward the Mountin. We found the dragon's cave and tried to restrain it but failed and killed it instead. Klein died just before the dragon did. I healed the twins and was searching for the Artimis's key. 



xRandomLegendx michalaerin

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