The Knights of Valhalla

Water Hazard

The last three weeks we have been on a ship that is headed to Hearthglenn from Ashir. I spent the first two weeks sitting at the front of the boat reflecting on all that has been happening. One day I saw my reflection in the water smile at me when I was not smiling. A hand reached out and pulled me into the water. I turned into a shark and jumped out of the water and landed partially on the boat with the siren on my back. She entranced Valla she fell into the water. I turned into an octopus and went back into the water. I fought the siren while Valla sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Cline tried to pull Valla up but she was too heavy. I ink clouded the siren and swam down to Valla and Cline. I turned back to half-elf form gave us all water breathing. That's when the shark showed up and started attacking Cline and Valla. I found out that I could freeze water and it would float to the top. I froze the water around Valla and she began to float to the top, upside down. Cline and I started to swim to the surface and found Tor and Tris were also in the water drowning. I used water shape to give them air, enough for a breath, and they made it to the surface and the boat with Cline's help. The shark was dazed for some time. I tried to get a rope to Valla but the Shark attacked. I used my shape water to create ice around myself again and again and tugged on the rope to have them pull me up. Just as I got to the surface the Shark disappeared and something was standing on my ice cube for a seconded then disappeared. Someone then fell off the boat and I undid my ice cube around me. They had dropped the rope and the person in the water was ok. I swam to Valla (who was still bobbing under the boat in her ice cube) and had her pulled out and up. I also got her sword that was on the ocean floor using my ice.  I then was pulled up to the boat. That's when I learned that the Shark was actually a Wereshark. The others had killed it while I was in the water. We spent the rest of the trip in peace. I thought furiously on how I was going to explain to my brother what had happened to me since our last time together. He's not going to like any of it. We made it to Hearthglenn and shopped for supplies. The twins found a sewn together body in the marketplace. It is the third body to show up in town. I don't want to investigate this thing. I want to leave and get to my brother as soon as I can. We are deciding if we are going to investigate the bodies or not. 


xRandomLegendx michalaerin

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