Deities of the Realm

The gods have had contact with many different races and cultures throughout the realm but have not been seen frequently in recent years. The stories of the gods match any that have been recorded throughout history and offer many different explanations to natural or unnatural phenomenons that have been recorded.

The gods have left their imprint on several defining cultures. With the most recent, being conquests of the disciples of Hel; the queen of Helheim. 

Rumors of Thor, son of Odin, have been circulating the realms for several years. These rumors range from him solitary glances from curious onlookers to him arriving at catastrophic events, lending a hand. However, there have not been any confirmed sightings of Thor by the public. 

The gods are assumed to have retreated to Asgard after the last great war of the gods. Where Odin and his kin arrived in the realm to fight the ever growing onslaught of the Jötunn. It is believed that the gods will return at the time of Ragnarök. 

Deities of the Realm

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